season 1

Hazen pits his unique survival skills against the most extreme environments in the world.

Scorched Earth
S1 E8 - Scorched Earth
Hazen Audel treks across the Sahara Desert using the ancient techniques of Morocco's Berber nomads.
05.26.16 | 44m
Thin Air
S1 E7 - Thin Air
Deep in the foothills of the Himalayas, Hazen Audel is on a quest to lead a herd of yaks to the safety of the ancient fortressed city of Lomanthang.
05.19.16 | 44m
Deadly Waters
S1 E6 - Deadly Waters
Hazen Audel embarks on a challenging solo seafaring mission in the western Pacific Ocean, using the techniques of the Bajau sea gypsies.
05.12.16 | 44m
Killer Climb
S1 E5 - Killer Climb
Using the skills and tools of the Maasai, Hazen Audel climbs 7,000 feet to the summit of a volcano to make an offering on behalf of his tribe.
05.05.16 | 44m
Into Raging Waters
S1 E4 - Into Raging Waters
Hazen climbs into the heart of waterfalls to catch fish.
04.28.16 | 44m
Killer Cold
S1 E3 - Killer Cold
Hazen Audel must deliver 200 reindeer to the Arctic Circle.
04.21.16 | 44m
Savage Jungle
S1 E2 - Savage Jungle
Audel embarks on a dangerous mission, based on a solo jungle trek made by men of the Embera tribe of Panama, using tools provided by the rainforest.
04.14.16 | 44m
Cannibal Legend
S1 E1 - Cannibal Legend
Hazen Audel journeys to the village of the Yimas people of Papua New Guinea, an ancient community with a reputation for violence against outsiders.
04.07.16 | 44m