season 3

Hazen pits his unique survival skills against the most extreme environments in the world.

Hazen vs. the Volcano
S3 E8 - Hazen vs. the Volcano
Hazen Audel attempts to climb an active volcano in Tanzania.
03.01.18 | 22m
Blistering Heights
S3 E7 - Blistering Heights
Hazen tries to lead a yak herd to an ancient Himalayan city.
03.01.18 | 22m
Rage Against the River
S3 E6 - Rage Against the River
Hazen attempts fishing in white-water rapids using.
02.22.18 | 22m
Storming the Sahara
S3 E5 - Storming the Sahara
Hazen Audel takes a camel journey through the Sahara Desert.
02.22.18 | 22m
Operation Deep Freeze
S3 E4 - Operation Deep Freeze
Hazen Audel delivers 200 reindeer to the Arctic Circle.
01.25.18 | 22m
Crocodile Hunter
S3 E3 - Crocodile Hunter
Hazen Audel searches for an isolated village in Papua New Guinea that once practiced cannibalism.
01.25.18 | 22m
Into the Jungle
S3 E2 - Into the Jungle
A jungle trek traditionally taken by Panama's Embera Tribe.
01.18.18 | 22m
Trial By Ocean
S3 E1 - Trial By Ocean
A sea-faring mission in the Coral Triangle.
01.18.18 | 22m