season 1

The team at the Columbus Zoo handles nearly 6,000 veterinary cases and over 100 births each year.

Bringing Up Baby!
S1 E6 - Bringing Up Baby!
Early morning rounds at the Heart of Africa exhibit.
08.27.18 | 44m
Beauties and the Beasts
S1 E5 - Beauties and the Beasts
A cheetah repopulation program goes into full effect.
08.20.18 | 44m
S1 E4 - Rhino-mite!
The team returns two manatees to their native waters.
08.13.18 | 44m
S1 E3 - Kangaroo-mance
A young kangaroo gets a gut check in the love department.
08.06.18 | 44m
Run Cheetah Run
S1 E2 - Run Cheetah Run
The doctors help an injured cheetah and rescue 16 macaws.
07.30.18 | 44m
Stand By Your Manatee
S1 E1 - Stand By Your Manatee
An orphaned baby manatee is rescued from the wild.
07.30.18 | 44m