season 2

The team at the Columbus Zoo handles nearly 6,000 veterinary cases and over 100 births each year.

Polar Bear Express
S2 E12 - Polar Bear Express
A 600-pound manatee is released back into the wild.
08.19.19 | 43m
Baby Elephant Watch
S2 E11 - Baby Elephant Watch
An elephant goes into labor; root canal for a polar bear.
08.11.19 | 43m
Baa-Baa-Bad Teeth
S2 E10 - Baa-Baa-Bad Teeth
A mandrill needs urgent emergency care; a hunger strike.
08.05.19 | 43m
A Serval Star is Born
S2 E9 - A Serval Star is Born
Baby pronghorns meet their adult roommates.
07.28.19 | 43m
Otter-ly Ridiculous
S2 E8 - Otter-ly Ridiculous
A bonobo's exam gets off to a rocky start.
07.14.19 | 44m
Febreze, Please
S2 E7 - Febreze, Please
Febreze the skunk sees a heart specialist.
07.08.19 | 44m
Polar Bear Palooza
S2 E6 - Polar Bear Palooza
Priya works with her husband on a shark exam.
06.30.19 | 44m
Later, Gator!
S2 E5 - Later, Gator!
Sloth bear with lung issues; gator breaks out of restraints.
06.24.19 | 44m
Baby Watch
S2 E4 - Baby Watch
Everyone at the zoo awaits the birth of a baby giraffe.
06.17.19 | 44m
Welcome to the Family
S2 E3 - Welcome to the Family
The staff prepares to make a home for an orphaned gorilla.
06.09.19 | 44m
Love is a Cheetah Cub
S2 E2 - Love is a Cheetah Cub
The zoo makes room for three new cheetah cubs.
06.02.19 | 44m
Penguin's New 'Do
S2 E1 - Penguin's New 'Do
A penguin stuck in molt for a year deals with bad hair days.
06.02.19 | 44m