season 4

Documenting the antics of venomous snake handlers, Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillett.

Venomous Encounters
S4 E10 - Venomous Encounters
Deadly black mambas in wardrobes; cobras in factories.
10.01.17 | 44m
Mamba Hotline
S4 E9 - Mamba Hotline
Ride shotgun with snake catcher Simon Keys and herpetologist girlfriend Siouxsie Gillett, as they rush in response to screams of terror.
09.24.17 | 44m
Office Nightmare
S4 E8 - Office Nightmare
A deadly black mamba vanishes into a scrap yard.
09.17.17 | 44m
Say Your Prayers
S4 E7 - Say Your Prayers
Simon and Siouxsie catch an injured spitting cobra.
09.10.17 | 44m
Slithering Heights
S4 E6 - Slithering Heights
Deadly snakes pop up in containers, sheds and trees.
09.03.17 | 44m
Twice Bitten
S4 E5 - Twice Bitten
Simon and Siouxsie save an injured cobra.
08.27.17 | 44m
Monster Under the Bed
S4 E4 - Monster Under the Bed
A black mamba is found in a family's bed.
08.20.17 | 44m
Trailer Park Terror
S4 E3 - Trailer Park Terror
An angry black mamba lives in a wood pile.
08.13.17 | 44m
Psycho Mamba
S4 E2 - Psycho Mamba
Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillet rush to save snakes.
08.06.17 | 44m
The Wedding Crasher
S4 E1 - The Wedding Crasher
A black mamba terrorizes a local community.
07.30.17 | 44m