season 5

Documenting the antics of venomous snake handlers, Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillett.

Hiss in the Night
S5 E6 - Hiss in the Night
Simon tries to find a deadly black mamba in a storm.
10.20.18 | 44m
S5 E5 - Humungosaur
A black mamba nearly bites Sioux; a cobra bites a girl.
10.13.18 | 44m
Tunnel of Doom
S5 E4 - Tunnel of Doom
Simon mud wrestles a mamba; a cobra hides inside a toilet.
10.06.18 | 44m
Mamba Mama
S5 E3 - Mamba Mama
Black mamba in a bedroom; pregnant green mamba.
09.29.18 | 44m
Hot & Bothered
S5 E2 - Hot & Bothered
A huge black mamba is trapped inside a dark roof.
09.22.18 | 44m
Storm of Snakes
S5 E1 - Storm of Snakes
Dogs, spitting cobras and Siouxsie don't mix.
09.15.18 | 44m