season 6

Documenting the antics of venomous snake handlers, Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillett.

S6 E6 - Housing Estate Horror
A black mamba hides under a kitchen sink.
11.06.19 | 44m
S6 E5 - Kindergarten Terror
Siouxsie comes face to face with an angry green mamba.
10.30.19 | 44m
S6 E4 - The Dark Night
Simon catches a mamba and finds a rare cobra.
10.23.19 | 44m
S6 E3 - Snakes and Sewage
Simon is more scared of heights than facing a black mamba.
10.16.19 | 44m
S6 E2 - There's a Snake in the Fridge!
Simon’s on high-alert because it’s mamba season; these deadly snakes are everywhere!
10.09.19 | 44m
S6 E1 - Divide and Conquer
Simon and Siouxsie rescue two boomslangs from a mob.
10.02.19 | 44m