season 10

Dr Jan Pol along with his wife, Diane, runs a veterinary clinic in Central Michigan's farm country.

The 100th Episode Pol-tacular!
S10 E13 - The 100th Episode Pol-tacular!
A look at some of the show's incredible moments.
03.25.17 | 44m
Paw & Order
S10 E12 - Paw & Order
A rescued Saint Bernard is in a life-threatening situation.
03.25.17 | 44m
The Return of Dr. Strangeglove
S10 E11 - The Return of Dr. Strangeglove
Dr. Pol and his team treat bizarre patients.
03.18.17 | 44m
Beginner's Yuck
S10 E10 - Beginner's Yuck
The Pol Clinic veterans mentor a new vet.
03.11.17 | 44m
Itchin’ for a Stichin’
S10 E9 - Itchin’ for a Stichin’
The clinic staff face one complication after another.
03.04.17 | 44m
Foaly Moses!
S10 E8 - Foaly Moses!
The Pols' Friesian horse gives birth to a small colt.
02.25.17 | 44m
S10 E7 - Sheep-a-Dee-Doo-Dah
Animal attacks; breakaway bovines; slick sheep.
02.18.17 | 44m
Wizard of Paws
S10 E6 - Wizard of Paws
The vets have their hands full with a motley crew of pups.
02.11.17 | 44m
Cranes, Sprains & Automobiles
S10 E5 - Cranes, Sprains & Automobiles
The team contends with spontaneous blizzards.
02.04.17 | 44m
Twist and Snout
S10 E4 - Twist and Snout
Dr. Emily's husband, Tony, joins Pol Veterinary Services.
01.28.17 | 44m
Doc Nose Best
S10 E3 - Doc Nose Best
The weather puts the clinic to the test.
01.21.17 | 44m
Show Me the Bunny
S10 E2 - Show Me the Bunny
Broken toes; worm infestations; nursing puppies.
01.14.17 | 44m
Oh, Pol-y Night
S10 E1 - Oh, Pol-y Night
Dr. Pol treats animals during the holiday season.
01.07.17 | 44m