season 11

Dr Jan Pol along with his wife, Diane, runs a veterinary clinic in Central Michigan's farm country.

Sherlock Pol-mes
S11 E25 - Sherlock Pol-mes
Intriguing and intense cases from Pol Veterinary Services.
09.16.17 | 44m
Purr-fect Pairs
S11 E24 - Purr-fect Pairs
Dr. Emily treats a mule with swelling on her right rear leg.
09.09.17 | 44m
Dairy Poppins
S11 E10 - Dairy Poppins
The cold and weary vets work hard during the winter season.
09.02.17 | 44m
Frosty the Pol-man
S11 E9 - Frosty the Pol-man
Dr. Pol and the clinic encounter a shocking set of cases.
08.26.17 | 44m
K-9 to 5
S11 E8 - K-9 to 5
Dogs come into the clinic after getting into mischief.
08.19.17 | 44m
Mamma Mia!
S11 E7 - Mamma Mia!
Dr. Emily, Dr. Brenda and Dr. Pol take on cases.
08.12.17 | 44m
Pe-Pol's Choice
S11 E6 - Pe-Pol's Choice
Dr. Pol and the clinic run into unique and surprising cases.
08.05.17 | 44m
Show Me the Honey
S11 E5 - Show Me the Honey
Katie shadows Dr. Pol in hopes of getting into vet school.
07.29.17 | 44m
Pol Side of the Moon
S11 E4 - Pol Side of the Moon
Dr. Pol and the vets deal a freak fall snow storm.
07.22.17 | 44m
Happy Birthday to Moo!
S11 E3 - Happy Birthday to Moo!
A potbelly pig, hurt horses and injured cats need help.
07.15.17 | 44m
Hooked on a Feline
S11 E2 - Hooked on a Feline
A three-legged feline hangs around the clinic.
07.08.17 | 44m
It's All Dutch to Me
S11 E1 - It's All Dutch to Me
Dr. Pol, Diane and Charles visit the Netherlands.
07.01.17 | 44m