season 14

Dr Jan Pol along with his wife, Diane, runs a veterinary clinic in Central Michigan's farm country.

Paws for Concern
S14 E12 - Paws for Concern
Dr. Pol becomes a patient when Jan requires ankle surgery.
03.30.19 | 44m
Meow & Forever
S14 E11 - Meow & Forever
Summertime doesn't mean vacation time.
03.23.19 | 44m
Beauty & the Bees
S14 E10 - Beauty & the Bees
Ducks, pups and all sorts of emergencies.
03.16.19 | 44m
Good Wool Hunting
S14 E9 - Good Wool Hunting
Children and their animals compete at the county fair.
03.09.19 | 44m
New Chicks in the Flock
S14 E8 - New Chicks in the Flock
Charles and Beth show off a new flock of peachicks.
03.02.19 | 44m
Of Mice & Macaws
S14 E7 - Of Mice & Macaws
A new doc learns from the pros at Pol Veterinary Services.
02.23.19 | 44m
Another One Fights the Doc
S14 E6 - Another One Fights the Doc
Not even a kick to the head keeps Dr. Pol away.
02.16.19 | 44m
Game of Goats
S14 E5 - Game of Goats
Spring means birthing season at Pol Veterinary Services.
02.09.19 | 44m
Cow I Met Your Mother
S14 E4 - Cow I Met Your Mother
Mama drama ensues as the docs handle cases with new moms.
02.02.19 | 44m
The Foal Monty
S14 E3 - The Foal Monty
Dr. Pol finds himself giving around-the-clock care.
01.26.19 | 44m
Something Pol, Something New
S14 E2 - Something Pol, Something New
Winter makes a slow exit, but the animals come in fast.
01.19.19 | 44m
Swine and Dandy
S14 E1 - Swine and Dandy
The vets have their hands full saving animals in distress.
01.12.19 | 44m