season 15

Dr Jan Pol along with his wife, Diane, runs a veterinary clinic in Central Michigan's farm country.

Danes of Our Lives
S15 E9 - Danes of Our Lives
The Pol Vet crew works overtime on challenging situations.
09.14.19 | 44m
License to Chill
S15 E9 - License to Chill
PVS is forced to close early due to an ice storm.
09.07.19 | 44m
Frankly My Deer…
S15 E7 - Frankly My Deer…
The patients of PVS have managed to find their way into serious trouble this week.
08.25.19 | 44m
More Than a Feline
S15 E6 - More Than a Feline
A bevy of bovine awaits Dr. Pol as he heads to Clay Knob.
08.18.19 | 44m
Love at Frost Sight
S15 E5 - Love at Frost Sight
Not even a blizzard can slow the PVS team down.
08.11.19 | 44m
The Quest for Camel-ot
S15 E4 - The Quest for Camel-ot
The Pol family bids farewell to its beloved cat, Kid.
08.03.19 | 44m
Pol-iver's Travels
S15 E3 - Pol-iver's Travels
The vets treat splits, twists, rolls and flips.
07.27.19 | 44m
North Pol Express
S15 E2 - North Pol Express
Mysterious cases, wild chases and a little Christmas magic.
07.20.19 | 44m
Boot-Scootin' Boogie
S15 E1 - Boot-Scootin' Boogie
Dr. Pol glides into the clinic on a new set of wheels.
07.13.19 | 44m