season 2

Dr Jan Pol along with his wife, Diane, runs a veterinary clinic in Central Michigan's farm country.

What's Up Doc?
S2 E17 - What's Up Doc?
Dr. Pol races between the clinic and farm calls.
03.09.13 | 45m
Red, White & Moo
S2 E16 - Red, White & Moo
The staff relaxes for Independence Day.
03.02.13 | 45m
Hog Days of Summer
S2 E15 - Hog Days of Summer
Summer heat is taking a toll on the local animals.
02.23.13 | 45m
Rock N' Pol
S2 E14 - Rock N' Pol
Ten Angus steers have suddenly gone lame.
02.16.13 | 45m
A Fair To Remember
S2 E13 - A Fair To Remember
The Isabella County Fair brings animals to the clinic.
02.09.13 | 45m
Ready, Vet, Go!
S2 E12 - Ready, Vet, Go!
Dr. Pol adds a new vet to the staff.
02.02.13 | 45m
Flu the Coop
S2 E11 - Flu the Coop
The flu hits the clinic.
01.26.13 | 45m
Llama Rama Ding Dong
S2 E10 - Llama Rama Ding Dong
The doctor faces one emergency farm call after another.
01.19.13 | 45m
Gallop Pol
S2 E9 - Gallop Pol
Horses are vital to communities.
01.12.13 | 45m
The Cow Jumped Over the Moon
S2 E8 - The Cow Jumped Over the Moon
Dr. Pol believes the full moon has caused odd behavior.
01.05.13 | 45m
Jingle Pols
S2 E7 - Jingle Pols
The best moments from the season.
12.25.12 | 45m
Whoa Mama!
S2 E6 - Whoa Mama!
Mother's day at the office; twin calving.
09.29.12 | 45m
Holy Bat Attack!
S2 E5 - Holy Bat Attack!
A bat gives the Pols a rabies scare.
09.22.12 | 45m
Down and Derby
S2 E4 - Down and Derby
Charles attends a staff member's roller derby bout.
09.15.12 | 45m
All Vets Are Off
S2 E3 - All Vets Are Off
The staff seeks additional help.
09.08.12 | 45m
Udder Madness
S2 E2 - Udder Madness
Spring fever at the clinic; emergency situations.
09.01.12 | 45m
Polnado Warning
S2 E1 - Polnado Warning
A dog really does eat homework; horse rapidly loses weight.
08.25.12 | 45m