season 4

Dr Jan Pol along with his wife, Diane, runs a veterinary clinic in Central Michigan's farm country.

Raging Bulls
S4 E9 - Raging Bulls
Dr. Pol deals with cattle, a dog and an alligator.
03.29.14 | 45m
Goats Gone Wild
S4 E8 - Goats Gone Wild
Dr. Pol is a busy man as the vet for the entire county fair.
03.22.14 | 45m
Pol Speed Ahead
S4 E7 - Pol Speed Ahead
Dr. Pol and Charles rush to save a mare and her foal.
03.15.14 | 45m
The Incredible Mr. Quackerson
S4 E6 - The Incredible Mr. Quackerson
Dr. Pol and son help baby animals and operate on two cows.
03.08.14 | 45m
Wonder Horse
S4 E5 - Wonder Horse
Dr. Pol and Dr. Brenda see a cow and a black lab.
03.01.14 | 45m
Dog Dazed Afternoon
S4 E4 - Dog Dazed Afternoon
The busy summer season kicks into high gear at the clinic.
02.01.14 | 45m
How Now Smelly Cow
S4 E3 - How Now Smelly Cow
An emergency calving puts Olivia's project on hold.
01.25.14 | 45m
The Bull Pen
S4 E2 - The Bull Pen
The Pol family slips out of town.
01.18.14 | 45m
Spring Fever
S4 E1 - Spring Fever
Warm weather brings a variety of cases to the clinic.
01.11.14 | 45m