season 6

Dr Jan Pol along with his wife, Diane, runs a veterinary clinic in Central Michigan's farm country.

Black and White and Pol All Over
S6 E10 - Black and White and Pol All Over
A swift kick from a horse; Diane fills in for Dr. Pol.
03.14.15 | 44m
S6 E9 - Dog-a-POL-ooza
A day of all dogs at Pol Veterinary Services.
03.07.15 | 44m
Chubby Bunny
S6 E8 - Chubby Bunny
A mini-pig, a bunny, and a pregnant dog visit the clinic.
02.28.15 | 44m
Ruff Day at the Office
S6 E7 - Ruff Day at the Office
A pup's eye problems; a bird's injured beak.
02.21.15 | 44m
It's Raining Hen
S6 E6 - It's Raining Hen
A therapy rabbit with overgrown teeth; auction fundraiser.
02.14.15 | 44m
Slop, Drop and Pol
S6 E5 - Slop, Drop and Pol
A pit bull needs emergency surgery; a pet pig is attacked.
02.07.15 | 44m
Money Barks
S6 E4 - Money Barks
The animals are up to trouble after a long winter.
01.31.15 | 44m
Bugged Bunny
S6 E3 - Bugged Bunny
The new vet, Dr. Emily; a horse combating colic; a rabbit.
01.24.15 | 44m
Udderly Frozen
S6 E2 - Udderly Frozen
Farmers, livestock and pets work to adapt to the cold.
01.17.15 | 44m
Nerves of Steer
S6 E1 - Nerves of Steer
Horses with runny noses, gashes and penile problems.
01.10.15 | 44m