season 7

Dr Jan Pol along with his wife, Diane, runs a veterinary clinic in Central Michigan's farm country.

One Hot Llama
S7 E10 - One Hot Llama
Dr. Pol and the veterinary crew work hard.
09.26.15 | 44m
Squeal of Fortune
S7 E9 - Squeal of Fortune
Celebrating Dr. Pol's birthday and tackling cases.
09.19.15 | 44m
Knights of the Round Stable
S7 E8 - Knights of the Round Stable
Dr. Pol helps animals at the Michigan Renaissance Festival.
09.12.15 | 44m
Hook, Feline and Sinker
S7 E7 - Hook, Feline and Sinker
Belligerent bulls to gimpy goats; families rely on Dr. Pol.
09.05.15 | 44m
Dr. Fix-It-All
S7 E6 - Dr. Fix-It-All
Clients who took matters into their own hands.
08.29.15 | 44m
Cowhide and Seek
S7 E5 - Cowhide and Seek
Canine hijinks; bulls on the loose; a kitten getaway.
08.22.15 | 44m
Dr. Strangeglove
S7 E4 - Dr. Strangeglove
The staff is presented with one strange case after another.
08.15.15 | 44m
My Fair Piggy
S7 E3 - My Fair Piggy
Treating animals for the Isabella County Fair.
08.08.15 | 44m
Back to the Suture
S7 E2 - Back to the Suture
Dr. Pol and Charles fix up his DeLorean for the car show.
08.01.15 | 44m
Squeal of Dreams
S7 E1 - Squeal of Dreams
Spring birthing season is in full swing in Isabella County.
07.25.15 | 44m