season 9

Dr Jan Pol along with his wife, Diane, runs a veterinary clinic in Central Michigan's farm country.

One Great Dane
S9 E8 - One Great Dane
The Pols say farewell to their beloved Great Dane, Frija.
09.24.16 | 44m
Albert Ein-swine
S9 E7 - Albert Ein-swine
Charles cooks Thanksgiving dinner for the clinic staff.
09.17.16 | 44m
Dr. Franken-Pol
S9 E6 - Dr. Franken-Pol
Animals get final checkups before the cold weather.
09.10.16 | 44m
Mow, Mow, Mow Your Goat
S9 E5 - Mow, Mow, Mow Your Goat
Dr. Pol must treat clients before going to lake house.
09.03.16 | 44m
The Alpacalypse
S9 E4 - The Alpacalypse
Dr. Pol helps a cow give birth whose birth canal is blocked.
08.27.16 | 44m
Flip ‘N Stitch
S9 E3 - Flip ‘N Stitch
A new vet arrives at Pol Veterinary Services.
07.30.16 | 44m
S9 E2 - E-I-E-I-Pol
Spring rains bring a painful situation for one patient.
07.23.16 | 44m
S9 E1 - Peacock-a-doodle-do
With spring on the horizon, calves are being born.
07.16.16 | 44m