season 1

The accounts of a journalist and author regarding the Iraq War are dramatized, and a specific focus is given to the events surrounding a deadly ambush which leads to a desperate rescue operation as well as the reaction of family members.

Always Dream of Me
S1 E7 - Always Dream of Me
The rescuers finally punch through to the stranded platoon.
TV-MA | 12.20.17 | 51m
Abandon Hope
S1 E6 - Abandon Hope
Bourquin struggles to signal helicopters to get located.
TV-MA | 12.13.17 | 44m
A City Called Heaven
S1 E5 - A City Called Heaven
Tomas Young learns about the realities of war.
TV-MA | 12.05.17 | 52m
The Choice
S1 E4 - The Choice
Jassim's allegiances are tested. Aguero has to make a choice that scars the platoon forever.
TV-MA | 11.28.17 | 48m
In the Valley of Death
S1 E3 - In the Valley of Death
Miltenberger and his men become stranded in the city.
TV-MA | 11.21.17 | 45m
Into the Unknown
S1 E2 - Into the Unknown
Denomy leads the first rescue into Sadr City under heavy fire. It's clear the locals have been preparing for this ambush for weeks.
TV-MA | 11.14.17 | 47m
Black Sunday
S1 E1 - Black Sunday
A platoon of American soldiers is ambushed in Baghdad.
TV-MA | 11.07.17 | 1h 35m