season 1

Morgan Freeman seeks to understand how faith has shaped our lives.

The Power of Miracles
S1 E6 - The Power of Miracles
How our belief in miracles shapes our understanding of God.
05.08.16 | 50m
Why Does Evil Exist?
S1 E5 - Why Does Evil Exist?
Morgan attempts to understand the root of evil.
05.01.16 | 50m
S1 E4 - Creation
Morgan Freeman asks where we came from.
04.24.16 | 50m
Who is God?
S1 E3 - Who is God?
Discovering how God has evolved over human history.
04.17.16 | 50m
S1 E2 - Apocalypse
Exploring how faith traditions predict the End of Days.
04.10.16 | 50m
Beyond Death
S1 E1 - Beyond Death
Exploring how religions explain what happens when we die.
04.03.16 | 50m
Heaven and Hell
S1 E1 - Heaven and Hell
What are heaven and hell? Do they await us in the afterlife or are they here and now? Morgan Freeman uncovers how they have changed the way we live.
01.23.17 | 50m
The Chosen One
S1 E1 - The Chosen One
Almost every faith has a figure believed to be chosen by God. Morgan Freeman goes in search of the chosen people walking the earth today.
01.16.17 | 50m