season 3

Morgan Freeman seeks to understand how faith has shaped our lives.

Holy Laws
S3 E6 - Holy Laws
Morgan Freeman explores holy laws in different religions.
04.10.19 | 47m
Divine Secrets
S3 E5 - Divine Secrets
Why secrecy and religion are often intertwined.
04.03.19 | 47m
Deadly Sins
S3 E4 - Deadly Sins
Morgan explores how religions fight back against sin.
03.27.19 | 47m
Visions of God
S3 E3 - Visions of God
Morgan Freeman meets people who have had visions of God.
03.20.19 | 47m
Gods Among Us
S3 E2 - Gods Among Us
Morgan explores what can be learned from God in human form.
03.13.19 | 47m
Search for the Devil
S3 E1 - Search for the Devil
Morgan Freeman travels the world in search of evil.
03.06.19 | 47m