season 3

Several of Gloucester's top fishermen follow bluefin tuna south to the Outer Banks for winter.

Luck Be a Tuna Tonight
S3 E10 - Luck Be a Tuna Tonight
Each captain is desperate to bring in one last catch.
09.26.16 | 44m
Striking Distance
S3 E9 - Striking Distance
Capt. Tyler McLaughlin stuns the fleet with his comeback.
09.19.16 | 44m
Hostile Waters
S3 E8 - Hostile Waters
The crews are desperate to secure a few final catches.
09.12.16 | 44m
Old Sailors and Bold Sailors
S3 E7 - Old Sailors and Bold Sailors
Winter reaches its peak, created dangerous conditions at sea.
09.05.16 | 44m
The Karma Kid
S3 E6 - The Karma Kid
Pressure mounts to become the number one boat in the fleet.
08.29.16 | 44m
Not How We Operate
S3 E5 - Not How We Operate
The pressure is on to land a fish first when rivals clash.
08.22.16 | 44m
Underdog Day Afternoon
S3 E4 - Underdog Day Afternoon
Captains turn to espionage as migration gets unpredictable.
08.15.16 | 44m
A Bluefin for Boo
S3 E3 - A Bluefin for Boo
The unpredictable waters cause more problems for boats.
08.08.16 | 44m
Wicked Waters
S3 E2 - Wicked Waters
As the season takes off, the waters claim another victim.
08.01.16 | 44m
Back in the Battle
S3 E1 - Back in the Battle
The fleet must overcome new obstacles yet again.
07.25.16 | 44m