season 4

Several of Gloucester's top fishermen follow bluefin tuna south to the Outer Banks for winter.

Title Fight
S4 E8 - Title Fight
With only two days left to fish, the captains battle it out.
09.17.17 | 47m
Catch Me If You Can
S4 E7 - Catch Me If You Can
The fleet fights to bring in its last catches.
09.10.17 | 47m
Tuna and the Beast
S4 E6 - Tuna and the Beast
The captains feel the pressure to bring in a bluefin.
09.03.17 | 46m
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
S4 E5 - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
The crews fight to improve their positions.
08.27.17 | 47m
S4 E4 - Dethroned
Capt. Greg Mayer gets knocked off his throne.
08.20.17 | 47m
Karma's A Fish
S4 E3 - Karma's A Fish
Captain Greg Mayer sees his lead start to slip away.
08.13.17 | 47m
Full Throttle
S4 E2 - Full Throttle
The Doghouse desperately tries to change its luck.
08.06.17 | 47m
Fighting Frenzy
S4 E1 - Fighting Frenzy
Captain Greg Mayer is determined to land the first fish.
07.30.17 | 47m