season 5

Several of Gloucester's top fishermen follow bluefin tuna south to the Outer Banks for winter.

Down To The Wire
S5 E13 - Down To The Wire
The battle to be the top-earning boat heats up.
09.23.18 | 1h 11m
High Speed Chase
S5 E12 - High Speed Chase
Capt. Dave Marciano tries to salvage his season.
09.16.18 | 47m
Blood, Sweat and Tears
S5 E11 - Blood, Sweat and Tears
Tyler chooses between big risk and big reward.
09.09.18 | 47m
Old Golly Whopper
S5 E10 - Old Golly Whopper
Capt. Greg Mayer returns to the helm despite an injury.
09.02.18 | 47m
Northern Fury
S5 E9 - Northern Fury
Northern boats' success frustrates the Southern fishermen.
08.26.18 | 47m
Man Down
S5 E8 - Man Down
Greg Mayer is sidelined by injury, creating an opportunity.
08.19.18 | 47m
No Pain, No Gain
S5 E7 - No Pain, No Gain
A Southern captain takes on the top-earning Northern boat.
08.12.18 | 47m
S5 E6 - Redemption
Crews get their feet wet in a competitive bluefin season.
08.05.18 | 47m
Man Overboard
S5 E5 - Man Overboard
Local fleets fight the north for their fair share.
07.29.18 | 47m
Zombie Tuna
S5 E4 - Zombie Tuna
The Little Shell puts it all on the line.
07.22.18 | 47m
Reverse The Curse
S5 E3 - Reverse The Curse
A giant school of bluefin tuna breaks one boat's curse.
07.15.18 | 47m
Not In Our Backyard
S5 E2 - Not In Our Backyard
Southern fleet does not hasten to help the northern boats.
07.08.18 | 47m
Battle Lines
S5 E1 - Battle Lines
A reduced quota puts pressure on the captains.
07.01.18 | 47m