season 6

Several of Gloucester's top fishermen follow bluefin tuna south to the Outer Banks for winter.

Storm Troopers
S6 E13 - Storm Troopers
A storm threatens to cut the season short.
09.15.19 | 47m
The Home Run
S6 E12 - The Home Run
With the quota extended, the fleet is feeling homesick.
09.09.19 | 47m
Miracle Fish
S6 E11 - Miracle Fish
One fish could make all the difference; a little luck.
09.01.19 | 47m
No Backing Down
S6 E10 - No Backing Down
The Southern fleet fights to keep the lead.
08.26.19 | 47m
The Fast and Furious
S6 E9 - The Fast and Furious
A game-changing fish pits a young crew against veterans.
08.19.19 | 47m
Thunder Tuna
S6 E8 - Thunder Tuna
The boats endure the roughest weather of the season.
08.12.19 | 47m
Southern Aggression
S6 E7 - Southern Aggression
The quota is extended, and the captains look to capitaliz.
08.05.19 | 47m
Reel Outlaws
S6 E6 - Reel Outlaws
Captains push limits to catch what might be final paychecks.
07.28.19 | 47m
Blood Feud
S6 E5 - Blood Feud
Brothers challenge a brother-sister duo for the top spot.
07.21.19 | 47m
Hard Knocks
S6 E4 - Hard Knocks
Boats in the fleet must rely on local knowledge.
07.14.19 | 47m
Little Boat, Big Tuna
S6 E3 - Little Boat, Big Tuna
Rasta Rocket sets out to prove it can be competitive.
07.07.19 | 47m
Bugging Out
S6 E2 - Bugging Out
A Southern crew is stranded on the water with no bluefin.
06.30.19 | 47m
New Blood
S6 E1 - New Blood
New Southern captains take on the Northern fleet.
06.23.19 | 47m