season 1

A group of fishermen in Gloucester, Mass., hauls in bluefin tuna, risking danger on the high seas.

Good to the Last Bite
S1 E10 - Good to the Last Bite
The fishermen push to catch the final fish of the season.
06.03.12 | 44m
Pirate Problems
S1 E9 - Pirate Problems
Capt. Ralph lashes out at his first mate, Pirate.
05.27.12 | 44m
Grudge Match
S1 E8 - Grudge Match
The Captains struggle to make the most of the time left.
05.20.12 | 44m
Mutiny at Sea
S1 E7 - Mutiny at Sea
A heated argument causes Paul to quit the
05.13.12 | 44m
Man v. Storm
S1 E6 - Man v. Storm
The Captains have a tough decision during an intense storm.
05.06.12 | 44m
Greed, Ego & Jealousy
S1 E5 - Greed, Ego & Jealousy
Captain Dave is obsessed with beating the record.
04.29.12 | 46m
Size Matters
S1 E4 - Size Matters
The Christina snags an eleven-hundred pound tuna.
04.22.12 | 44m
Weekend Warriors
S1 E3 - Weekend Warriors continues its winning streak; Bill's debts pile up.
04.15.12 | 44m
Payback's a Fish
S1 E2 - Payback's a Fish
Bill and Ralph team up to teach Dave and a lesson.
04.08.12 | 44m
The Bite is On
S1 E1 - The Bite is On
The peak season for blue fin tuna begins.
04.01.12 | 44m