season 2

A group of fishermen in Gloucester, Mass., hauls in bluefin tuna, risking danger on the high seas.

S2 E15 - Endgame
The is in the lead but hasn't caught a fish.
05.12.13 | 44m
Money On The Line
S2 E14 - Money On The Line
Capt. Carraro has a nearly $20,000 lead over his rival.
05.05.13 | 44m
Twice Bitten
S2 E13 - Twice Bitten
Just one fish is not enough for the Gloucester captains.
04.28.13 | 44m
Uncharted Territory
S2 E12 - Uncharted Territory
The bluefin migrate to the Mediterranean and Gulf of Mexico.
04.21.13 | 44m
All Hands on Deck
S2 E11 - All Hands on Deck
New fishermen join; is clinging to its lead.
04.07.13 | 44m
Captain Carnage
S2 E10 - Captain Carnage
Dave fired Paul; they are now competing against each other.
03.31.13 | 44m
S2 E9 - Meltdown is back in the lead over Pin Wheel in week nine.
03.24.13 | 44m
Hell on the High Seas
S2 E8 - Hell on the High Seas
There is pressure on the captains to bring in paychecks.
03.17.13 | 44m
Storm Warning
S2 E7 - Storm Warning
The captains head straight into a wicked storm.
03.10.13 | 44m
Sweet Smell of Revenge
S2 E6 - Sweet Smell of Revenge
Old rivals try to settle scores; amateurs get in the way.
03.03.13 | 44m
Shark Attack
S2 E5 - Shark Attack
The fishermen face white sharks in local waters.
02.24.13 | 44m
Fish Fight
S2 E4 - Fish Fight
It's tournament time in Gloucester and the best boats join.
02.10.13 | 44m
The Numbers War
S2 E3 - The Numbers War
The fishermen battle each other for prime fishing spots.
01.27.13 | 44m
Go Fish!
S2 E2 - Go Fish!
Tyler and the Pin Wheel make the risky trek to Georges Bank.
01.20.13 | 44m
Back in the Hunt
S2 E1 - Back in the Hunt
The fisherman search for the first catch of the season.
01.13.13 | 44m