season 3

A group of fishermen in Gloucester, Mass., hauls in bluefin tuna, risking danger on the high seas.

S3 E15 - The Reckoning
There is only one week left in the North Atlantic bluefin fishing season, and the Gloucester fleet is set for a final showdown in a bid to catch the last “monstah” tuna of the year.
06.08.14 | 44m
S3 E14 - The Mighty Bite
With only two weeks left in the fishing season and the price of bluefin tuna on the rise, the Gloucester captains race to bring in record hauls.
06.01.14 | 44m
S3 E13 - Sharks and Recreation
The has a commanding lead over the fleet, so with only three weeks left in the season, the other boats are clamoring for second place.
05.25.14 | 44m
S3 E12 - Bad Blood
Only four weeks remain, and with the fish earning top dollar after months of fattening up on New England’s feeding grounds, the fleet is desperate to haul in a monster.
05.18.14 | 44m
S3 E11 - Tuna Beta Kappa
The tuna fishermen of Gloucester, Massachusetts, know that they have to rely on each other to get the job done, but sometimes trusting the competition isn’t such a good idea.
05.11.14 | 44m
S3 E10 - Blue Grit
The end of the bluefin tuna season; fleets feeling pressure.
05.04.14 | 44m
S3 E9 - Brotherly Shove
Nine weeks into the season, the captains feel the pressure.
04.27.14 | 44m
S3 E8 - Battle Royale
Competition intensifies when tuna become scarce.
04.20.14 | 44m
S3 E7 - Bad Latitude
The captains grow desperate to catch in order to provide.
04.06.14 | 44m
S3 E6 - Mission: Fishin!
As Gloucester’s fleet charges into the heart of the fishing season, it’s a tight race for the coveted title of top-earning boat. The fleet has its sights set on one boat, the Hot Tuna.
03.30.14 | 44m
S3 E5 - Bite Fight
Fleets battle for the most successful fishing spots.
03.23.14 | 44m
S3 E4 - Operation T.U.N.A
Capt. Dave Carraro resorts to espionage like tactics.
03.16.14 | 44m
S3 E3 - Into the Storm
Gloucester's fishermen have to brave the bad weather.
03.02.14 | 44m
S3 E2 - Checkmate
McLaughlin brings fun college friends on board.
02.23.14 | 44m
S3 E1 - The Wicked Return
The fishermen of Gloucester take to the open seas.
02.16.14 | 44m