season 5

A group of fishermen in Gloucester, Mass., hauls in bluefin tuna, risking danger on the high seas.

The Final Fishdown
S5 E15 - The Final Fishdown
The closest race in the history of "Wicked Tuna."
05.16.16 | 44m
The Thin Bluefin Line
S5 E14 - The Thin Bluefin Line
Captains compete for catches that will decide the winner.
05.09.16 | 44m
Tuna Invaders
S5 E13 - Tuna Invaders
Captains battle for the last bluefin of the season.
05.02.16 | 44m
Comeback Kid
S5 E12 - Comeback Kid
An unexpected adversary emerges as a viable contender.
04.25.16 | 44m
Riders in the Storm
S5 E11 - Riders in the Storm
When a storm hits, the captains must decide to fish or flee.
04.18.16 | 44m
Doubling Down
S5 E10 - Doubling Down
Two captains make the long trip to Georges Bank.
04.11.16 | 44m
Take it to the Bank
S5 E9 - Take it to the Bank
The captains take a journey to increase their chances.
04.04.16 | 44m
Opposites Distract
S5 E8 - Opposites Distract
Halfway into tuna season some teams work and some flounder.
03.28.16 | 44m
Snitches Get Fishes
S5 E7 - Snitches Get Fishes
Tyler breaks a fisherman's code; Paul risks fishing solo.
03.21.16 | 44m
Help Wanted
S5 E6 - Help Wanted
Paul is forced to accept a help from his competition.
03.14.16 | 44m
Big Hauls and Downfalls
S5 E5 - Big Hauls and Downfalls
The fishermen doubt they'll last the season.
03.07.16 | 44m
Pissed Off on Pissah
S5 E4 - Pissed Off on Pissah
Tensions amongst the crewmen reach a boiling point.
02.21.16 | 44m
May The Fish Be With You
S5 E3 - May The Fish Be With You
An alliance is put to the test; things pick up for Marciano.
02.15.16 | 44m
Tuna and Tequila
S5 E2 - Tuna and Tequila
Paul Hebert triumphantly helms his own boat.
02.08.16 | 44m
Something to Prove
S5 E1 - Something to Prove
Bitter rivalries continue and a new boat shakes things up.
02.01.16 | 44m