season 6

A group of fishermen in Gloucester, Mass., hauls in bluefin tuna, risking danger on the high seas.

The Time is Now
S6 E12 - The Time is Now
The championship comes down to the final weigh-in.
06.04.17 | 47m
The End is Nigh
S6 E11 - The End is Nigh
Dave Carraro and Tyler McLaughlin are locked in battle.
05.28.17 | 47m
Purple Rain
S6 E10 - Purple Rain
A treacherous storm descends on Gloucester.
05.21.17 | 47m
Hissy Fit
S6 E9 - Hissy Fit
Duffy makes a mistake.
05.14.17 | 47m
Hickory Dickory Docked
S6 E8 - Hickory Dickory Docked
The captains take the lead away from Captain Dave Carraro.
05.07.17 | 47m
Captain Money Bags
S6 E7 - Captain Money Bags
The captains become desperate to land a paycheck.
04.23.17 | 47m
Doldrums and Dog Days
S6 E6 - Doldrums and Dog Days
Captain Tyler McLaughlin is determined to best his rival.
04.16.17 | 47m
The Ego Has Landed
S6 E5 - The Ego Has Landed
Captain Dave Carraro is desperate to redeem himself.
04.09.17 | 47m
Who Needs a Captain?
S6 E4 - Who Needs a Captain?
One boat makes a historic haul that could change the season.
04.02.17 | 47m
Bluefin Brotherhood
S6 E3 - Bluefin Brotherhood
Not every captain treats others with respect.
03.26.17 | 47m
Trials & Tunalations
S6 E2 - Trials & Tunalations
Pressure for Capt. Paul Hebert to land his first tuna.
03.19.17 | 47m
The First Fish is the Hardest
S6 E1 - The First Fish is the Hardest
The race is on to land the first fish of the season, bringing big money for one captain.
03.12.17 | 47m