season 7

A group of fishermen in Gloucester, Mass., hauls in bluefin tuna, risking danger on the high seas.

Fight To The Finish
S7 E16 - Fight To The Finish
There are fewer than four days left in the season.
06.24.18 | 1h 11m
Changing the Tide
S7 E15 - Changing the Tide
Fleet vies for paychecks; boats are forced off the water.
06.17.18 | 47m
Shock and Awe
S7 E14 - Shock and Awe
Brad Krasowski is one catch away from making a comeback.
06.10.18 | 47m
Point Break
S7 E12 - Point Break
Capt. Dave Marciano reaches his breaking point.
05.27.18 | 47m
Road to Redemption
S7 E11 - Road to Redemption
Capt. Brad Krasowski is ready to make good on his promise.
05.20.18 | 47m
Mutiny on The Water
S7 E10 - Mutiny on The Water
Capt. Paul Hebert sours his relationship with Rick.
05.13.18 | 47m
Fishin' Friction
S7 E9 - Fishin' Friction
The weeks of fishing take their toll on the fleet.
05.06.18 | 47m
Ride the Lightning
S7 E8 - Ride the Lightning
A massive storm front slams the fishing grounds.
04.30.18 | 47m
The Fleet Strikes Back
S7 E7 - The Fleet Strikes Back
Capt. Dave Carraro and his vessel are back on top.
04.22.18 | 47m
Two For The Money
S7 E6 - Two For The Money
The captains' alliances begin to prosper.
04.15.18 | 47m
Smoke On The Water
S7 E5 - Smoke On The Water
The captains team up to improve their chances.
04.08.18 | 47m
Don’t Quit Your Day Job
S7 E4 - Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Inexperienced fisherman crowd the water, creating obstacles.
04.01.18 | 47m
Merch Madness
S7 E3 - Merch Madness
Marciano feels the pressure to land his first fish.
03.25.18 | 47m
Fish or Famine
S7 E2 - Fish or Famine
Defending champ Dave Carraro struggles to land a fish.
03.18.18 | 47m
Worst to First
S7 E1 - Worst to First
The captains fight to land their first tuna on opening day.
03.11.18 | 1h 11m