season 8

A group of fishermen in Gloucester, Mass., hauls in bluefin tuna, risking danger on the high seas.

The Final Tail
S8 E15 - The Final Tail
Pinwheel and Dot Com battle for the top prize.
06.16.19 | 1h 11m
Pulling Out the Stops
S8 E14 - Pulling Out the Stops
Capt. McLaughlin struggles to defend his title.
06.09.19 | 47m
Coming for the Crown
S8 E13 - Coming for the Crown
The captains seek to dethrone Capt. Dave Carraro.
06.02.19 | 47m
The Sherman Tank
S8 E12 - The Sherman Tank
The captains weigh making their way further out to sea.
05.26.19 | 47m
Thick as Thieves
S8 E11 - Thick as Thieves
A new boat of friendly faces joins the fleet.
05.19.19 | 47m
Blood in the Water
S8 E10 - Blood in the Water
The quota drops from three fish to one fish per day.
05.12.19 | 47m
One for the Money
S8 E9 - One for the Money
The quota changes from three to one fish a day.
05.05.19 | 47m
Wicked Waves
S8 E8 - Wicked Waves
Stormy weather hits; one captain shakes up the leader board.
04.28.19 | 47m
Double Team
S8 E7 - Double Team
It's almost the midpoint of bluefin fishing season.
04.21.19 | 47m
Attack of the Pack
S8 E6 - Attack of the Pack
A crowd causes the captains to find new spots for bluefin.
04.14.19 | 47m
Relative Madness
S8 E5 - Relative Madness
Struggling captains turn to family for help.
04.07.19 | 47m
Gods and Monstahs
S8 E4 - Gods and Monstahs
Bad luck strikes the fleet, and the captains struggle.
03.31.19 | 47m
Wreck It Ralph
S8 E3 - Wreck It Ralph
An old acquaintance is back in Gloucester, Mass.
03.24.19 | 47m
Game of Fins
S8 E2 - Game of Fins
A familiar boat enters the fleet, igniting old rivalries.
03.17.19 | 47m
Battle Cry
S8 E1 - Battle Cry
It's opening day of the bluefin tuna season.
03.10.19 | 1h 11m