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Banned For Being a Woman: Boxer Doesn’t Stop Fighting

Cuba has a prolific Olympic boxing record, and yet the country doesn't allow female boxers to go to the Olympics. Namibia Flores Rodriguez is a female Cuban boxer. She's trained every day for years, readying herself for when that ban is lifted, with the single objective to represent Cuba and become an Olympic champion. She's faced every stereotype that a woman who wants to box can face. This short documentary by Maceo Frost tells her story of hope and dedication. Directed by Maceo Frost. Produced by Made by Forest. Service Production Company: Cubana Production.

Starring: Namibia Flores Rodriguez. Director: Maceo Frost. Director of Photography: Lionel Cabrera. Executive Producer: Jesper Pålsson. Production Company: Made by Forest. Producer: Filip Kiisk. Line Producer: Viktor Rising. Additional footage: Maceo Frost. Editor: Andreas Arvidsson. Color: Oskar Larsson, Chimney. Translations: Mia P. Salazar. Title design: Robert Norgren. Sound Design: Jorge Olivares Rivas/At The Lab Sweden. Music: Spectrum Trio - Ogun. Service Production Company: Cubana Production

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