Here Are 3 Inspiring People to Salute This Veterans Day

Listen to veterans share their amazing life stories in these Short Film Showcase videos.

1. At 109 Years Old, America's Oldest Veteran Still Enjoys His Whiskey and Cigars

Meet Richard Overton, America's oldest veteran. Born on May 11, 1906, he has celebrated 110 birthdays (109 at the time of filming) and counting. The supercentenarian has lived through the Great Depression, served in World War II, and witnessed the rise of the Internet. From the Ford Model T to self-driving cars, more technological and scientific progress have occurred in Overton's lifetime than perhaps any other century in history. The whiskey-drinking, cigar-smoking elder reveals his secrets to longevity in this lively short film.

Want to help Mr. Overton stay in his Austin, TX home? Donate to his home medical care expenses on GoFundMe. Credits: Matt Cooper (director, producer); Rocky Conly (cinematographer, producer); John Halecky (producer).

2. This Mail Carrier Has Run the LA Marathon for 30 Years Straight

Vietnam War veteran Johnnie Jameson is not your typical marathon runner. While others run the 26.2-mile race for exercise or competition, Jameson runs to heal from the invisible wounds of his past. Since 1986, he has completed the Los Angeles Marathon 30 times—a remarkable feat that’s earned him the title of “Legacy Runner.” Training on his mail delivery route, the marathons are therapeutic for Jameson in coping with the traumatizing violence of war.

In Mile 19 from Big Pup Films, hear the inspirational story of veteran Johnnie Jameson as he trains for his 30th consecutive marathon.

3. These 'Growing Warriors' Are Fighting to Help Soldiers Become Farmers

For years, hemp has had a lousy reputation. Often confused with its cousin, marijuana, it's in fact a different variety of cannabis, with the main difference being a considerably lower THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level. Michael Lewis and Rebecca Burgess know the difference. They know that the United States has a history with industrial hemp, from colonial times all the way to World War II, and that it can be used to make thousands of products, including textiles, health foods, and car parts. Could growing hemp revive an entire industry? This short documentary by Patagonia follows Lewis and Burgess as they collaborate to reintroduce industrial hemp to the U.S. landscape.

Follow their effort a,, and Patagonia, through their membership in 1% For The Planet®, provides cash grants and in-kind services to thousands of community-based groups working to create positive change for the planet in their own backyards:

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