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See 3 Lions Get a Brand New Home in the Wild

Poaching and habitat loss have caused African lion populations to rapidly decline over the last century. Despite the current trend of declining numbers, there is still hope for the species to flourish once again in the wild. The Somkhanda Game Reserve in South Africa is one of the groups working to bring back lions to their area for the first time in 100 years. The team aims to relocate a pride—one male and two females—from a nearby reserve whose lion population has exceeded their capacity. This massive conservation effort will hopefully counteract the larger trend and provide Somkhanda with the final piece to be a “big five” game reserve. Follow the team as they track, dart, and relocate the lions to their new home in this short film from Black Bean Productions and Empowers Africa.

Learn more about Blood Lions, Wildlands, and the &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve.

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