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Chase a Wild Buffalo Stampede With These Heroic Cowboys

The bison—sometimes referred to as a buffalo—is a living symbol of the American West. Despite once roaming the plains in numbers greater than 30 million, this iconic animal has recently come dangerously close to extinction. By 1900, extensive hunting and fur trading had reduced their population to less than one thousand. Although much progress has been made over the past century, conservationists are still working diligently to bring back the magnificent beast of the plains.

In this short film by Josh Chertoff and Alfredo Alcántara, saddle up with a Colorado rancher who's risking everything to preserve the endangered species. Equal parts environmentalist and cowboy, Duke Phillips is not your average conservationist. Join him and his crew of horsemen on a thrilling ride as they herd thousands of wild bison for their unique conservation initiative. Produced by Bows & Arrows, Ponderosa Productions, and Ranchlands. Learn more at

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