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Would You Decorate Your Home With Human Hair?

Journey along China's "hair highway" and see how human hair can be used as a renewable resource in an unexpected industry: home decor. This captivating short film by design collaborative Studio Swine and filmmaker Juriaan Booij provides a fascinating view into China’s billion-dollar hair trade and explores an array of exquisite objects created using human hair as a key ingredient.

According to Studio Swine, “China is both the largest importer of tropical hardwood and the biggest exporter of human hair.” To provide a sustainable alternative to hardwood, the designers mix the hair with natural resins, creating a composite material that can mimic tortoiseshell, polished horn, or exotic hardwoods. This stunning short film captures the entire process from haircut to final product, revealing a revolutionary process that may change the way you look at home decor. See more from Juriaan Booij, find out about Studio Swine, and read a Q&A with the filmmaker.

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