David 58>> describes taking photographs of EXPLORER host Boyd Matson and singer/motorcycle enthusiast Lyle Lovett:   13>>

  • We’re zooming along, traveling 60 to 70 miles [100 to 130 kilometers] an hour on these old dirt roads, dodging giant logging trucks that come zooming around the corners.

  • Soon we realize, Oh my God! That’s Boyd! He’s wrecked his motorcycle. His arm was either broken or very badly dislocated. It was just in this hideous, unnatural position.

  • I chased after the infirmary attendant   02>> as he’s holding the needle up in the air and running down to the truck, just obviously delighted to be giving this big, blonde, gringo TV star a shot.

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David on Doing His Duty

Road Kicks
Photograph 58 by
Cristina Creager

Photographs 13 and 02 by
David Evans