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Race Dispatches
From Race Veteran Tracy Edwards
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The Volvo Ocean Race 2001-2002
Race Dispatches
Dispatch 1: Slogging to the Equator
October 9, 2001
The start and the first 24 hours are crucial to strategy and the motivation of the teams.
Dispatch 2: Race or Soap Opera?
November 7, 2001
Leg one of the Volvo Ocean Race is over and the stay in Cape Town has been as eventful as the racing.
Dispatch 3: Make or Break in the Southern Ocean
November 25, 2001
Teams look forward to the perilous Southern Ocean crossing of leg two with a mixture of dread and excitement.
Dispatch 4: Halfway
January 14, 2002
This is usually where the most crew changes take place. It’s as if you only have a finite time to get it right if you haven’t already done so. With the fleet being so close, and the racing so exciting it’s the changes that are made now that count.

Dispatch 5: Iceberg Alley
February 7, 2002
This leg sees teams take their second plunge into the Southern Ocean and of course takes in Cape Horn.

Dispatch 6: Recoup, Regroup, and Mend
April 5, 2002
There was an unusual amount of damage on the last leg for a relatively light airs leg... . The boats have sailed well over halfway round the world and the wear and tear is starting to become evident.

Dispatch 7: The Unknown Quantity
April 16, 2002
Anything can happen on a short leg in the Volvo Ocean Race and boy oh boy, have we seen it already! Mr. and Mrs. McDonald put the entire fleet in their place and started without them.

Dispatch 8: How to Win
May 9, 2002
“Yes, the weather can deal you a bad hand. And, yes, you can have accidents. But the longer you plan, prepare, and train, the more in charge you are of your chances.”