Much of the artwork in this online feature was created by Rosalyn Schanzer for the book How We Crossed the West: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark, published in 1997 by the National Geographic Society. Get a copy for yourself or a friend! Or query the artist about the book.

Explore More Online

Web sites dedicated to Lewis and Clark are almost as plentiful as buffalo on the Great Plains when the Corps of Discovery came through. But here are some great jumping-off points for online exploration:

Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery has biographical and historical information about the journey. In addition, historians share their thoughts about the meaning of the expedition and its relevance to 21st century America.

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail site offers history, links to U.S. government and state sites dedicated to portions of the Lewis and Clark trail, maps of the expedition’s route, a newsletter, and more.

The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation publishes a quarterly journal, We Proceeded On, and commemorates the explorers’ achievements with annual meetings at sites along the trail.

Explore More in Your Local Library

These are some of our favorite books on Lewis and Clark for teenagers and adults.

Allen, John Logan. Lewis and Clark and the Image of the American Northwest. Dover Publications, Inc., 1991.

Ambrose, Stephen. Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West. Simon and Schuster, 1996.

DeVoto, Bernard, editor. The Journals of Lewis and Clark. Mariner Books, 1997.

Fanselow, Julie. The Traveler’s Guide to the Lewis and Clark Trail. Falcon Press Publishing, 1994.

Lavender, David. The Way to the Western Sea: Lewis and Clark Across the Continent. Anchor Books, 1988.

Ronda, James. Lewis and Clark Among the Indians. University of Nebraska Press, 1984.