The worldwide water problem

Click on a country below to find out what’s happening to its freshwater. Scroll and click on a country below to find out what’s happening to its freshwater.
United States
Falling rains and rising populations could bring a perfect storm of water shortages to the United States. Go to site
United Kingdom
Could this famously wet country really run out of water within 25 years? Go to site
As one of the driest countries in Europe, what can Spain do to secure its water future?Go to site
While water here seems plentiful, dying trees could be an early warning sign that levels are dropping.Go to site
South Africa
Cape Town may have dodged Day Zero, but South Africa is still facing a national water crisis.Go to site
Receiving the second least rainfall in the world, Australia’s finding new ways to conserve its fresh water.Go to site
Between climate change and antiquated infrastructure, Italy is using more water than it can replace. View English site View Italian site
With worsening drought in the last few years alone, action is needed to secure Portugal’s water future.Go to site
As climate change continues to dry the country out, demand for water is beginning to outstrip supply.Go to site
As the word faces a freshwater crisis, Canada can set an example in responsible water management.Go to site
Record-breaking temperatures and low rainfall are creating the perfect storm for water shortages. Go to site
To avoid a future living on 25 liters of water a day, now’s the time for Turkish citizens to change their water-usage habits. Go to video Go to site

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