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Think "pirate" and your mind fills with wild thugs from fiction and fancy. But now North America's only known pirate shipwreck is giving us glimpses of the truth—more complex, more interesting.

The Whydah sank off New England in April 1717. Her captain, "Black Sam" Bellamy, and 143 others died with her. Armed with Whydah clues and informed imaginations, historians have begun speculating about Bellamy's crew. Explore the real life of real pirates.

pointer Capt Bellamy Rogue Romeo

Thomas Davis
Pirate Under Pressure
James Ferguson
Mystery Medicine Man
John Julian
Only Free at Sea
John King
Bad Career Move
Richard Nolan
Smooth Talker
Hendrick Quintor
Bad Example
Joseph Rivers
Old Dog Old Tricks
Palgrave Williams
Middle Aged Crazy