Can Beauty Go Greener?

A transformative journey towards a more sustainable future

As the world looks for more environmentally friendly ways to live, many people are increasingly aware of the impact their personal care routines can have on the planet. The average American between six and 12 beauty products every day. From the ingredients to the product to its packaging, people are asking, Can Beauty Go Greener?

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Can beauty sourcing go greener?

With product sustainability, people and the environment are linked. Photojournalist and National Geographic Explorer Yagazie Emezi delves into how companies can source in a way that’s beneficial for both people and planet.


Five ways brands can source more sustainably

Brands have a responsibility to help solve some of the world’s social and environmental challenges, examining their supply chains to make sure they are as sustainable as possible.



Can beauty use less water?

Conservation photographer and National Geographic explorer Jenny Adler looks into the complex link between water and beauty.


Five ways to wash with less water

With the world’s freshwater supply under growing pressure, a question we should all ask is “how can we wash with less?”.

Can Packaging Go Greener?


Can beauty packaging go greener?

Excessive packaging can cause problems for the planet: Marine biologist and National Geographic explorer Imogen Napper explains how it can be made more environmentally friendly.


Five ways for beauty products to pack a greener punch

Can the beauty products we use every day use more sustainable packaging? When we start thinking outside the box—they can.

Garnier's Greener Beauty Initiative

Since July 2020, Garnier has embarked on a transformative journey towards Greener Beauty to reduce its environmental impact. Garnier’s Greener Beauty initiative is a complete end-to-end approach to sustainability. The aim is to transform every stage of Garnier’s value chain in areas such as plastic & packaging, product & formula, factories & manufacturing and solidarity sourcing. In addition, all Garnier products, globally, are officially approved by Cruelty Free International under the Leaping Bunny Programme.