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Ahmad Shah Massoud     (Afghan Northern Alliance leader)

"Requiem for a Warrior." ADVENTURE magazine. Page 172, November/December 2001.
Into the Forbidden Zone and Geography of Crisis. National Geographic Channel TV special and video (2 hours). 2001. (To order, call 800 627 5162 [in U.S. and Canada only]).
"The Adventures of Marco Polo, Part I." National Geographic magazine. May 2001, p. 26
"Taking Tea with an Afghan Leader." National Geographic magazine. On Assignment, May 2001.
Life on Assignment: Sebastian Junger. ADVENTURE Online Extra. (includes Massoud photo gallery). March/April 2001.
"The Lion in Winter." ADVENTURE magazine. March/April 2001.
"Afghanistan's Uneasy Peace." National Geographic magazine. October 1993, pages 75-76, 77, 81, 88, 89.

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Osama bin Laden

"How Close Has Bin Laden Come to Acquiring N-Bomb?" National Geographic News at November 7, 2001.
"Attack on America: An Islamic Scholar's Perspective." National Geographic News at September 28, 2001.
"The Lion in Winter." ADVENTURE magazine. March/April 2001, p 85.

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Mohammed Zahir Shah (Afghan king in exile)

"Afghan Warlords Clash Over King's Return." National Geographic News at January 31, 2002.
"Friends in High Places." National Geographic Flashback. January 2002.
"Attack on America: An Islamic Scholar's Perspective." National Geographic News at September 28, 2001.
"The Lion in Winter." ADVENTURE magazine. March/April 2001, p 85.

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Saddam Hussein

"Eyewitness Iraq." National Geographic magazine. Pages 2-27, November 1999.
"Middle East/Middle East: States in Turmoil." National Geographic magazine map supplement. February 1991.

Some specific references about Saddam (boldface page numbers indicate illustrations/photos)

Our Country's Presidents. National Geographic Books. 2001. page 175
"Yemen United." National Geographic magazine. April 2000.
     - invasion of Kuwait, page 39
"Iran: Testing the Waters of Reform." National Geographic magazine. July 1999.
     - invasion of Iran (1980), page 23
"Ballard Surfacing." ADVENTURE magazine. Spring 1999.
     - underwater minefields planted by, page 164
National Geographic: Eyewitness to the 20th Century. National Geographic Books. 1998, pages 340, 342, 355, 367.
The Wonders of the World. National Geographic Books. 1998, pages 25, 26.
"The Persian Gulf—Living in Harm's Way." National Geographic magazine. May 1998.
     - mural portrait, page 654
National Geographic Atlas of World History. National Geographic Books. 1997, pages 362, 370.
"Iraq Imperils Marshes, a Way of Life." National Geographic magazine. Geographica, April 1994.
"Sweden: In Search of a New Model." National Geographic magazine. August 1993.
     - Kaizran, Pakzab (Kurdish political refugee to Sweden; driven from Iraq by Saddam Hussein), pages 28, 28
"Water—The Middle East's Critical Resource." National Geographic magazine. May 1993.
     - popularity with Palestinians, page 58
"Struggle of the Kurds." National Geographic magazine. August 1992.
     - subjugation of Kurds, pages 34-35, 36, 39, 45, 46, 54
"Ibn Battuta, Prince of Travelers." National Geographic magazine. December 1991.
     - failed Shiite coup, page 21
"Iraq: Crucible of Civilization." National Geographic magazine. May 1991, page 109.
National Geographic magazine. Editor's Page, July 1985.
"The New Face of Baghdad." National Geographic magazine. January 1985, pages 85, 93, 97, 103.
     - likenesses, pages 80-81, 85, 85, 95

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