Photography is one of our greatest tools in exploration, helping scientific organisations make discoveries and add them to the pages of history. Mobile phone manufacturers like OPPO let us carry technology in our pockets capable of letting us explore and photograph colors here on Earth every bit as vivid as those across our galaxy.

Out of this world photography


Out of this world exploration

Since we first stepped into the unknown, photography has let us explore places we never thought possible—and make those experiences part of history.


Out of this world color

Splashed across our galaxy, the deepest recesses of space offer a spectacular spectrum of colors—some of which we're able to capture right here on our planet.


Mars on Earth

As we look ahead to crewed missions to Mars, Keith Ladzinski photographs places on our planet that look and feel like the Red Planet.

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Keith Ladzinski

An avid rock climber and adventurer, Keith Ladzinski is a contributing photographer at National Geographic and an Emmy nominated director. His early subjects explored two styles of photography—rushed, dark, guerrilla-style shooting using artificial light, and more thoughtful compositions, patiently hunting for natural light. It wasn't long before these two styles merged, as Keith quickly rose to the top in the world of extreme sports and environments.

Today, Keith's work focuses on natural history, climate change, extreme sports and advertising campaigns, all of which send him to the furthest reaches of the globe.

Keith is a highly decorated photographer and has earned numerous 1st place honors from PDN, The International Library of Photography and National Geographic. His work has appeared on the front page of the New York Times, the Washington Post Sunday Magazine and National Geographic Magazine. His work as a Director and Director of Photography in the commercial film world has earned Keith three Telly's and two Emmy nominations.