HOW TO EXPERIENCEGreat Smoky Mountains In-Park Augmented Reality (AR)

With its cascading waterfalls, diverse plant and wildlife, and rolling hills that stretch out over 500,000 acres, it’s no surprise that Great Smoky Mountains National Park is America’s most-visited national park. Located on the border between North Carolina and Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountains are a truly ageless mountain range, one that is constantly changing and re-inventing itself year after year.

And now while traveling and adventuring in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you can trigger Outside Academy’s In-Park AR effects, designed to inspire and elevate your park experience.


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AR Experience

    Don't have access to Great Smoky Mountains? No problem. You can still experience all three filters. Just follow the prompts accordingly when opening up the effects in the @NatGeo effects tab.