Welcome to Rwanda

National Park
King's Palace,
National Park
National Park
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Lush rolling landscapes and bounties of rich biodiversity make the land of a thousand hills one of the most astonishing destinations. Now you’re invited to uncover your own Rwandan adventure by those who live within and around its vibrant culture.

Why Rwanda?

…"I had never really stepped into such a rich tropical forest in Africa…"

…"I had one of the most incredible wildlife behavior sightings…"

…"I’ve left a piece of my heart in Rwanda…"

…"trek to see chimpanzees…"

…"we have an extraordinary culture…"

…"Rwandans are very welcoming…"

…"a full day game drive is a must…"

Discover Rwanda


The inventive art that is Rwanda

Bold, bright colors, intoxicating rhythms, architectural wonders and more, beckon from this country that is as committed to its arts and culture as it is to the people who make it so.


Greetings, from Rwanda

National Geographic photographers and those who call Rwanda home tell us the experiences they think none should miss out on.

Wildlife and Nature


Rwanda rising: A commitment to conservation

Heather Greenwood Davis speaks with photographer Ronan Donovan about how the East African country’s forward thinking is revitalizing its national parks and providing new opportunities for travelers.