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And Win a Trip to the
Original Titanic

spotlights July/August 2000
Story Previews
•  Master of the Ego Challenge: Survivor Producer Mark Burnett
•  The Normans' Conquest: Father and Daughter Attempt Aconcagua
•  Trail Sports: Vail's Dirty Secret—Mountain Biking
•  The World on the Cheap: Haiti
  arrow Sebastian Junger
After the Storm

Three years ago Sebastian Junger was a freelance writer publishing his first book with a modest advance and almost no expectations. Then The Perfect Storm hit >>
  arrow Doug Peacock
Veteran of the Grizzly Wars

This legendary ecowarrior and “cranky buzzard” has never done anything by half measure. And judging from this interview, he’s not about to start now >>
  arrow Tips From a Big-Wall Warrior
North Face Climbing Team veteran Mark Synnott can tell you how to get started—and how to get great. Go ahead, ask him >>
  arrow Your Tightwad Travel Tips
ADVENTURE readers exchange strategies for going far away without going broke >>
  arrow Stacey Stillman
Survivor Castoff

Not even downing a plateful of grubs could keep this San Francisco attorney from being voted off CBS's "reality" TV competition >>
  arrow The Normans' Conquest
In the print edition, Geoffrey Norman writes of his father-daughter climb on Aconcagua. Online, daughter Brooke tells it like she saw it >>
  arrow Best Backpacking Recipes
Swap secrets for going beyond gorp >>
  arrow Diving Into Shark-Fin Soup
Our columnist has crossed the Bering Strait on a Sea-Doo, been a test dummy for the U.S. Coast Guard, and now impersonated chum in shark-infested seas. What’s next? Give us your best shot >>
  arrow Gorge Games Highlights
It's sort of a backwoods Olympics—and a test run for Sydney-bound athletes. We've got your coverage right here >>
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Knowledge is (purchasing) power.

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