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image: photographer Christopher P. Baker
Author Christopher P. Baker
Mi Moto Fidel
Motorcycling Through Castro's Cuba

In 1996, English travel writer Christopher Baker set out to explore Cuba astride his 1,000cc BMW Paris-Dakar motorcycle. In three months Baker logged 7,008 miles (11,276 kilometers), wheeling from the streets of Havana to old Caribbean colonial outposts and rugged mountain tracts.

Book: Mi Moto Fidel coverThe Cubans he met often struggled under material scarcity. Belying their hardship, however, was an unbridled sensuality. Passion infused the island, and Baker unbashedly embraced it.

Baker reads an excerpt from his new book, Mi Moto Fidel, recently published by National Geographic Adventure Press.

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The Author Reads From Mi Moto Fidel
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