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Jamaica's Blue Mountain Mystery
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image: Jamaica's Rio Grande

Jamaica's Rio Grande is seen from the road to a Maroon settlement, Moore Town, also called New Nanny Town.

"It rained the whole time we were in Jamaica. That's a bend in the road overlooking the Rio Grande. We drove past it about 500 times, and finally we were like, ‘It's not raining this very second, let's jump out and shoot it.'

"The valley stays pretty isolated, there's not a whole lot still going in and out of the valley. It all sort of dead-ends. The paved road will stop and turn to dirt, and it will get so skinny—just big enough for a horse and a car—and then it's all banana farms.

"You don't know what anything is really called, you can't find maps…a Shell Oil Jamaica road map is about the best you can get of the area, but it's not very detailed."

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