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You could spend a lifetime learning the outdoor secrets our experts already know. Or you could click here for 30 crucial skills, nifty tips, and shameless shortcuts  >>
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*Skiing the Range of Light
Steeps, powder, and easy access make California's eastern Sierra Nevada a backcountry skier's dream. And we've got the pictures to prove it  >>
arrow Grand Canyon Quest
By the time writer David Quammen pulled his kayak out of the Colorado River for good in September 2001, the world had changed—but the Grand Canyon had not. Here he discusses his new article and the canyon's lessons in perspective >>

arrow Africa's Deadliest Conservationist
To poachers in the Central African Republic, Wyoming native Bruce Hayse is judge, jury, and possibly executioner—his government-sanctioned, independent army has been authorized to defend the country's wildlife and to shoot first, ask questions later >>

arrow Travel Today: Danger vs. Deep Discounts
Have your plans been affected by September 11? Tell us how and where you're traveling in the post-September 11 world >>

arrow Dispatch From Afghanistan
On assignment in Afghanistan for Adventure, author Robert Young Pelton talks with NG News in this December 2001 interview >>

arrow Ask Adventure
Want to boost your adventure IQ? Send your pressing question to our experts and we may print the answer in a future Letters column. Go ahead, e-mail us >>
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