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High Times on the Peyote Trail
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Photographer Rachel Cobb

In highland Mexico, photographer Rachel Cobb captured visions of the Huichol, isolated Indians who take peyote religiously.

For the August Adventure article "Lost Souls of the Peyote Trail" (read excerpt) photographer Rachel Cobb traveled with writer Kira Salak to the Mexican homeland of the Huichol Indians north of Guadalajara.

Click to Enlarge.Over five days Cobb amassed a visual chronicle of sacred, and unpredictable, festivities—and a rare glimpse into the daily lives of the Huichol, whose use of peyote might be surprising to those who considered the stimulant a psychedelic substance of the past.

"When you're going into a culture that's as different as the Huichol's, you're limited by the language barrier," says Cobb. "So you really have to rely on watching—watching how people interact, sensing what's important to them." By watching, and photographing, Cobb reveals a centuries-old culture that remains remarkably intact.

—Nicole Davis

Portrait courtesy Rachel Cobb; map by Steve Turner


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